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Tod Thornton

" Mark has helped me with some residential properties and commercial properties. About the time I was ready to give up on finding a commercial proerty, Mark found us an awesome property that will benefit us for years and years into the future. Thanks a ton!”

Nick Bosley

“Mark is one of the most enthusiastic real estate professionals I know. He is trustworthy, honest, hardworking and tenacious. He continues give of himself by educating and/or mentoring his colleagues, agents, and his clients so that they can better understand the Real Estate field. In addition, he has an awesome office and a great staff. Keep up the great work Mark!”

Tim Webley

"Mark is very professional ln all his his realestate actions .always willing to help newer agents in our office and will go out of his way to assest his clients . mark is an assoiate broker with a lot of knowledge and is well respected by his peers.”

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